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Many speakers and presenters struggle with using technology, particularly when it came to the use of presentation software such as PowerPoint. The audiences are becoming numb and sick of seeing the same old slides outlining the key points. We have seen phrases as “Death by PowerPoint” and books written on presentation skills suggesting that we “Ditch the PowerPoint” altogether.

We don’t agree!Presentation Designer_Coach_ MC_ Speaker_Richard Hansen

Research tells us that people can process information much faster and with more accuracy when accompanied by visuals. We are also likely to retain much more of the content delivered in a presentation accompanied by visuals. Of course the visuals need to be stunning.

After being asked on numerous occasions for help on designing slides to accompany a presentation, professional speaker and emcee Richard Hansen launched Impact Presentations.

Impact Presentations is a presentation coaching and design company where “We help you articulate what’s on your mind or what you want to say in a simple and effective manner”

We do this through:

  •  Speaking at events
  • Coaching services
  • Visual Design (PowerPoint, Keynote)
  • Workshops

Impact Presentations works with presenters from various areas of vocation including business and academic presentations. We love to help people design their message and we believe that a story can inspire a person, a community and the world.