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Bleeding Images Across Your Presentation Slides

One of my favourite ways to display images is bleed them right across the slide filling up the entire screen. This also removes all unwanted background elements making the image the main focus on the screen. However we don’t need to stop at just the edges. We have the ability to stretch them out further allowing us to display an element of the image exactly where we want it to draw the most attention.

What is full bleed?

Full bleed refers to the image extending to or beyond the edges of the slide. In the slide #1 the image has been placed in the centre with the background showing around the edges. On slide #2 the image has been extended to the edges blocking out the entire background. This is what is referred to a full bleed.

Taking it beyond the edges

There may be times when we want to remove unwanted elements in the image. There are other times when we want highlight or place an element on a specific position on the slide. In this case we would extend the image far beyond the edges of the slide. This in effect is the same as cropping the image. Only the portion in the display area will be projected onto the screen. Again the image should be of sufficient size and quality to do this.

The example below show what the image looks like in editing mode(the image has been made transparent so the slide background can be seen). The other shows how the slide will look in display or play mode.

Use quality images

To have the ability to fill or stretch beyond the display area of the slide we need to have images of sufficient size and quality. Using images that are not sufficient will result in pixelation (and no one wants to see that). Of course the aspect ratio and projector resolution should be considered. Resolutions can range from 800px x 600px right up 1920px x 1080px for projectors used in most conference rooms.



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