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Create A Colour Palette For Your Presentation

One of the major elements (and often overlooked) in slide design is colour. Many presenters often use a standard template that comes right out of the box. The colours on these templates often have no relevance to the topic or the brand. To make our presentations stand out and remain relevant we must first choose unique colours that make sense to what we are speaking about. Here at Impact Presentations we do this by first creating a colour palette on our presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote etc).

Create The PalettePresentation_design_create _colour_palette_from_logo

  1. Firstly open up your software and create a blank slide. Then insert a shape and duplicate 5 or six times (you can always delete the unwanted shapes later).
  2. Insert the image or logo that you wish to take the colours from.
  3. Using the colour drop tool fill the shapes with the colours from the image.
  4. You can then group the shapes together and enlarge them across the screen creating a colour palette for the entire presentation.

Check For ContrastPresentation_design_contrast

Obviously contrast is important when designing our slides so that the presentation can be seen clearly from any part of the
room. We want to determine which colours work best together as far as contrast is concerned.

The most simple way of determining contrast is to insert lines of text over our colour palette. Each line of text will be of  the colours we have determined for the colour palette. It will become obvious which colours should be used together in the presentation.

Other Colour Resources

There may be times that a presentation may not be brand or topic specific and we can have a little more freedom with our colours. Of course we still want beautiful, engaging and contrasting colours throughout the presentation. You can still create a colour palette from images that really attract our attention. Images from nature can be particularly catching as they are colours we are usually attracted to.

The other option is to use specialised colour sites to be inspired, capture and even create a colour palette. The following are 2 website that I refer to often.

Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers brings together colours from different brands, websites and even different fields of business. For example if you were to look for colours that are consistent with weddings you can find a palette that is used in that field of business. They also list colours that are trending and show examples of the colours in use.

Colour Lovers can be found here………

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is a really cool site where one could spend way too much time. Not only do they list colours submitted by a worldwide community they also give you cool tools to create your own or adjust existing palettes onsite. A colour palette can also be created on the site simply just by uploading an image.

As I said before one could spend way too much time on this site with all the cool colours and features.

Adobe Color CC can be found here………

Examples Of Using Colour From The Palette

Below are a couple of slide examples using colour palettes suited to the brand or topic. Of course there can be many variations to these slides however using colours that suit the brand or topic cannot be underestimated and should be one of the first considerations before starting to design our presentation slides.

Image Credits: 713 Avenue via Flickr

Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen

Founder of Impact Presentations

Richard is a professional MC, presentation designer and coach and founder of Impact Presentations. He is happily married with 3 children and currently lives on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. Loves trekking, camping, coffee and generally hanging out with friends and trying new experiences. Richard’s personal website can be viewed here……