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Criteria for a Presenter Remote

Over the years I have used number of presenter remotes or “clickers” as they are commonly called, and they all have some advantages and disadvantages.  The purpose of this blog post is not to review any particular brand or model of the clicker as we all know that like all technology they are consistently changing. The purpose of this post is to simply outline a criteria for any future purchase of a presenter remote (clicker).

It must be noted that the criteria I have listed here relates to a presentation from a laptop or desktop computer which is still my preference (old fashioned I know).

Below I have listed 3 requirements that I have for a remote presenter:

#1. It must work

Now I know it sound really ridiculous but it is quiet important that it works for what you want it for. I do a lot of EMCEE work and quiet often I want to control the computer from the back of the room for video intros etc. Often times the computer is in the front of the room and so I want something that is powerful enough control my slides from anywhere in the room. If you are presenting at church for example you will notice that in a lot of these venues the equipment is held at the back of the room so you would also want something  powerful enough to control from the front if you choose to.

The remote should also work with all transitions as well as all builds or layers within the slide including the ability to play a video (must be embedded into the slide) with the click of button. I also require the ability to activate a blank screen whenever I choose to.

#2. It must be simple.

I personally like a “plug and play device” were they come with their own transmitter. I do not want to have to go through any set up procedure to get them to work. This is compared to models that require a bluetooth or wifi connection to be able to transmit to the computer.

The remote I currently use (Honeywell RF Power Presenter) only has 3 buttons. One to advance the slides, another to go back and another for the laser pointer. The blank screen is activated by pressing 2 buttons simultaneously. This is very simple to use compared to other clickers where they have so many buttons to do so many things that they can be quite confusing to use. As a presenter you really do not need to be thinking about which buttons to use during your presentation.

#3. It must be small and comfortable to use.

The other requirement is that it must be small and comfortable to use. Many presenters are rather large which can be quite distracting for both the presenter and the audience. I want the audience to be focused on the presentation rather than than the clicker as I advance my slides. I like a clicker that will fit into my hand so as I can use discreetly.

Large buttons are also an advantage so that you do not have to feel around the clicker to advance your next slide. This again enables you to use discreetly during the presentation.

Do you have a special remote you use?

I am always on the lookout for a remote that fits my criteria and also I like to find out what other presenters are using. You may also have a special requirement that I have not listed here for you presenter remote.

Of course if you have reviewed a particular clicker or have found one online please feel free to place the link in the comments section below.




Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen

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Richard is a professional MC, presentation designer and coach. He founded Impact Presentations in 2013 following his passion of helping people make their messages more engaging, memorable and purposeful.

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