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Display Image Attribution On Presentation Slides

One of my favourite quotes is “Talk low, talk slow and don’t talk too much”. Of course it would not be right if I did not credit the originator of that quote which was the legendary actor John Wayne. As we know when delivering presentations we should give appropriate credit to material we use including quotes and research. The same goes for images that we “borrow” under a creative commons license from sites such as Flickr. In this post I will demonstrate two ways to display image attribution on our presentation slides.

Create a Credit Roll

Image attribution presentation slides

A presentation slide displaying a full credit roll

This technique is similar to the credit roll you will see at the end of a movie. The difference is that the credit roll at the end of a presentation would usually be static. This is simply done by adding a slide at the end of your presentation displaying the full credit list. This is how I used to apply attribution in my early days of presenting and designing presentations.

This method had some problems.

As I was delivering numerous presentations usually to varying time frames I would find myself adjusting my presentation to suit. Often times I would create new presentations using slides from a master presentation deck. This made it tricky and often became messy trying to keep track of images and applying appropriate attribution.

Apply Attribution On Each Slide

Slide Displaying Attribution For Single Image

Slide Displaying Attribution For Single Image

I found the simplest method to credit images is to display image attribution on each slide where an image has been “borrowed”. This does not have to be a big deal and could be displayed in a way that does not distract from the main elements on the slide. Personally I display the credit at the bottom right corner of he slide using a reasonably small font.

The argument from some in the presentation design world is that it adds another element to the slide. For me as long as it is displayed in a non distracting manner it is now my preferred method. This is for no other reason than keeping it simple and organised.

Give Credit Where It’s Due

It does not matter which manner image attribution is displayed on our presentation slides as long as it is displayed according to the license agreement from where the image was shared. At Impact Presentations we believe that the presentation game must be played fair and by the rules. If you use material “borrowed” from someone then the onus is on us as presenters to give credit where it is due.

Image credits:

Ben Stephenson via Flickr

reynermedia via Flickr (edited)




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