Speaking At Ignite Brisbane

You have a message. The world is waiting to hear it

If you have a message, great idea or even a story to inspire then the world is waiting to hear it. An Ignite Brisbane event is the opportunity to spread your message to not only the local community but to the entire world.

What is an Ignite Talk?

An ignite talk is a 5-minute presentation accompanied by 20 slides that you have prepared. The slides are set to auto-advance every 15 seconds leaving you as the presenter 5 minutes to share your unique message, idea or story. When the last slide has ceased to display your talk has concluded.

What can I speak about?

Almost anything, as long as your talk is not rude, vulgar or intentionally harmful. Controversial can be okay. We like to hear different ideas, points of views or opinions. Most of the Ignite Brisbane events will be an open forum. In other words, there will be no set theme. We like to see a variety of speakers with a unique message at our events. All speakers must adhere to the “No Pitching From Stage” rule at any Ignite community event.

Do I need to be an experienced presenter?

You do not need to be an experienced speaker/presenter to talk at an Ignite Brisbane. However, we do expect quality talks so you need to be prepared and well rehearsed. Organizers and sponsors  Richard Hansen and Catherine Molloy are experienced presenters and are always on hand to help with your presentation. Presentation workshops with an Ignite twist are hosted on occasions by the organizers.

What are the benefits of speaking at Ignite Brisbane?

  • Profile Building – Speaking at an Ignite event can play a major role in building your profile. Speakers have the opportunity to deliver their unique message to a live audience at the event. Video is taken of all talks at Ignite Brisbane and uploaded to the Ignite® International website. This gives the speaker international exposure. Many of the videos on the Ignite International website have multiple thousands of views.
  • Enhanced Networking Opportunities – At Ignite events (or most events) the audience members want to meet and network with the speakers, especially if the talk resonates with them. A networking table will be provided at the event for speakers to place business card/small brochures. This will enable audience members to make further contact which could lead to further opportunities.
  • Confidence Booster – Speakers of all experience will gain confidence from speaking on an Ignite stage. Audiences and organisers at Ignite talks are supportive of all speakers. While the format is challenging, there is a real buzz knowing that you have enlightened an audience in a fun and fast manner.

How are the speakers chosen?

All submissions are shortlisted using a blind selection process. Identifying details are removed from the applications and forwarded to a selection team who will shortlist speakers according to story value. Organizers make the final selection from the shortlist taking into consideration other details in the applications. We encourage applicants to answer as many of the questions as possible. This indicates to us that applicants are willing to put effort into the process and their talks.

Why are speakers asked to purchase tickets as a requirement?

We want to guarantee a significant audience for all of our speakers. This will add to the atmosphere for both speakers and audience members alike. Organizers also spend a significant amount of personal time preparing for an Ignite event. A significant portion of this time can be for marketing purposes. Organizers also shoulder a financial risk hosting Ignite events. We believe that speakers should have a vested interest in ensuring audience numbers and a successful event.

Tickets purchased by speakers can be gifted or onsold as they please.



Conditions and Guidelines

Please read and understand the conditions and guidelines prior to submitting your application to speak at an Ignite Brisbane event


  • If you are accepted as an Ignite Brisbane speaker we will remain in contact leading up to the event.
  • Correspondence will be via email. We may call you to touch base and to see how you are progressing with your talk.
  • Do not blow off our emails. If we send you an email requiring a response please respond.
  • Social media messenger services are not used to contact us with regards to your talk at the event.

Your talk

  • We will reject talks that are illegal, vulgar or intentionally offensive. Controversial can be okay. We like to hear different points of view. If you are unsure please check with us.
  • You are to be well rehearsed and prepared prior to the event.
  • You only get one chance on the night. Once your talk has commenced you are committed to finishing. You do not get to start again. (except in the case of technical difficulties)
  • Ignite Talks are an opportunity to present a message or idea in a unique way. You are not permitted to pitch/promote products or services during your presentation.

Your Slides

  • You are to provide 20 slides to us no less than 5 days prior to the event.
  • Slides can be sent to us via email if under 25mb or via Dropbox
  • The organizers will check and set the auto advance of your slides.
  • Text-heavy slides will be rejected (the audience won’t like these anyway)
  • Slides are to be static only. They are not to contain builds, animated objects or video.
  • Images on your slides are to be your own or have permission to use. The organizers accept no responsibility for copyright infringement.
  • Do not include a slide with your name or presentation title; we provide that for you and this slide doesn’t count towards your 20 slide limit.
  • You will be advised as to what aspect ratio we require your slides to be designed (this will vary according to the venue)

Your Investment

If your application is successful you will be required to purchase 10 tickets (total $190.00 + gst).

  • Ensures audience numbers and budget to run the event
  • Includes high-resolution video footage for your personal use
  • Video uploaded to Ignite Brisbane YouTube channel
  • Video listed on the Ignite International website
  • A specific networking and display table
  • Banner display

Video and photography

  • You may be photographed and video/audio taken from your talk.
  • Ignite Brisbane has the right to use photographs, video and audio (taken by the organizer or employed personnel) of you and your talk.
  • Video and photographs may be used for promotional purposes and submitted online.
  • The organizers have no control over video and photography taken by audience members.

Social Media

  • Social media will be used to promote Ignite Brisbane, prior, during and after the event.
  • We strongly encourage speakers to share Ignite Brisbane events on their social media feed.