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A  speaker should engage your audience and leave them with practical ideas that can be implemented immediately. 

Richard Hansen_Speaker_MCRichard Hansen founder and owner of Impact Presentations is such a speaker.

With real life examples Richard inspires audiences to create presentations to be engaging and memorable.

Presentations are delivered with a relaxed dry witty style and simple language along with vivid clear images. His keynote presentation will inspire and leave audiences with practical suggestions that can be implemented easily.

Engage the Audience

Richard will demonstrate methods to engage the audience from the beginning and throughout  the entire presentation.

Cut the Fat

Most presentations are packed with data and detail. Learn why presenters need to work on removing rather than adding content.

Use Visuals To Compliment The Message

Richard demonstrates why visuals should be a part of your presentation as well as when and how to use visual presentation software. More importantly though he will share when not to use presentation software.