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The Belly Band

One of the principles of designing slides is to remove any element that is not of any benefit to what is being spoken about at the particular moment or as I like to call it “Cut The Fat”.┬áThis includes logos, your name or contact information. However with the audience having the ability to connect with you or even make comment or ask questions during your presentation via social media it may be advantageous to continually display contact information such as your Twitter handle throughout the presentation.

Other information that may be displayed is a specific hashtag where you can post and the audience can search for information supporting your presentation.

Display without being distracting

I personally have always been against putting this type of information on every slide. I have had a preference of including this type of information on the opening and closing slide only, until I saw the concept of the belly band.

I cannot claim to have come up with this and must give credit to Julie Terberg where she was mentioned in a comment on Craig Hadden’s blog.┬áThe idea of the belly band is to display a small amount of information such as your Twitter handle and make it look like it is separate from your slide.

Adding the belly band

The technique is simple to implement on the slide. Simply add a black rectangle shape that bleeds right across the bottom of the slide and then add the information you want displayed in the shape or the “Belly Band”

In the example I have displayed here it looks like a black band, however when it is projected onto a screen the image will look like it is is removed from the contact information. This will still give your slide the crisp, clean look without being cluttered with additional elements.


The widescreen look

The other advantage is that it will give your slide the “widescreen” look and feel that is becoming more popular. This is especially if you are designing in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio.



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