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Using Google To Find Images For Presentations

One of the first places many presenters go to find images for their presentations is Google Images. This however poses some problems in that we do not usually have permission to use these images. We can also spend a lotĀ of time finding images that are of high enough quality to use in our presentations. However there is hope.

Use Advanced Search

The quickest method to find images that can be used in your presentation is by using the advanced search feature:

  1. Go to Google Images
  2. In the search bar description of the image
  3. Click on the settings tab
  4. In the dropdown menu click on advanced search
  5. Select the resolution you want
  6. At the very bottom select usage rights

Respect The LicenseĀ 

One of my real bug bears is when I see images in presentations that clearly are not permitted for use. At Impact Presentations we ensure that all images we use are licensed for what we are using them for and display proper attribution where required.

Bottom line is to check the usage conditions and comply with the requirements.



Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen

Founder of Impact Presentations

Richard is a professional MC, presentation designer and coach and founder of Impact Presentations.

He is happily married with 3 children and currently lives on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

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