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Get your message out to a wider audience through the power of video


While we are a presentation coaching and design company it is often not thought of that there is an opportunity to present your story to a potential world wide audience.

Video plays a major part in getting your story, message or brand out to the consumer market place. In fact on social media we have personally found that there is up to 3 times the reach on posts when compared to still images.

Our video services include:

  • Video content strategy
  • Writing the video script
  • Shooting the video
  • Video editing
  • Converting slides to video

Our videos are usually shot on site at your premises. We are fully equipped with a range of backgrounds and portable lighting.

Conference Videos

Video is also a great way to get your conference off to an exciting start and a beautiful close. Imagine the start of the conference, the lights are dimmed and the audience is treated to an an exciting engaging video. The conference is then closed with a farewell video. Using video in this way will set your conference apart.